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I want to try aerial class but..................

If you were thinking of taking an aerial class then don't let anything stop you. These are some of the common things that people say when they want to take class and think they can't....... YOU CAN...... Come to Freedom Aerial and learn to fly. We will get you in the air and having fun and gettting fit all at the same time..

1. I'm not flexible

There are plenty of awesome aerial poses that you can try, as you work on strength and flexibility! Flexibility is an obvious plus side to aerial fitness but its not a necessity. We work on strength and flexibility in all classes.

2. I'm not a dancer

Aerial arts is a specialized form of fitness, different than any other type of dance! You don't have to be a gymnast or ballerina to be great at aerial arts .....

3. I don't have time!

There's always time for aerial! Even when you're not in class, use a pull-up bar or go to your local park and play around on the monkey bars, you'll get the same form of exercise. Plus, you're building strength for your next class!

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