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5 Tips To Boost Your Aerial Practice

In this newsletter we are going to talk about how to get the best and the most from your aerial practice. After all its usually the favorite part of the week so lets make it great!!

1) Firstly lets talk about food. We did discuss this briefly before when we talked about food and aerial together but lets re-cap and make sure we are sure! Obviously we are all different, but as a whole and from my experience as a teacher and class loving aerialist I would strongly suggest avoiding heavy carb filled foods such as pasta and sandwiches before class. These foods sit on the stomach and can make you lethargic (and possibly sick when upside down) Although we do need to think about energy before class, we don't want to eat to much. I have found that nuts like almonds and cashews are good for energy and are not to filling. Adding some fruit like apples and some cheese are also a good sources of energy and protein. The main things to avid are heavy carbs and over eating. I find preparing a snack box to eat whilst on the way to the studio or for lunch is a great way to stop the urge to stop and get something heavier and too filling.

Starbucks make great protein boxes for snacking on before and after class (plus the coffee helps ;))

2) Wear the right clothes! Sounds obvious right..... NO...... its not. Not even for me and many aerial friends I know. Make sure that you are not wearing clothes that are too tight, tight clothes are too hot and not breathable. Make sure that you are wearing clothes that are not too loose, loose clothes get in the way, get you stuck and can be uncomfortable too. Lets also remember not to wear clothes that make us feel self conscious. You know the ones I mean, that favorite vest that doesn't quite cover the middle so you keep pulling it down and those leggings you love but they just keep giving you a wedgy. These clothes are no good, they distract you from your class and make you feel awkward (even though we love them) Again everyone is different, so just make sure you pick something that is comfortable and you feel good in and that covers you up in all the right places.

3) Warm up correctly. This may be something you do as an aerialist, but as a beginner we don't always remember that the warm up is the most important part. Take your first 'open gym' session for example, did you warm up? I know I didn't, I was way too excited to play on my own and do what I wanted by myself I completely missed the warm up part. So whether you do or you don't just remember 10 minutes of gentle cardio followed by some gentle stretches are a good way to start aerial class.

4) Focus baby................. think of what you want to achieve from class. Stay focused on that, do you want to be stronger? do you have a performance coming up and you want ideas? Are you a beginner and just want to have some fun? Whatever the reason for coming to class make sure you stay in the moment and focus on what you want to gain from taking the time out of your day to be there.

5) Believe. Believe in yourself, I know it sounds corny, but its true. If you really believe in yourself then your time in class will be valuable. Don't get me wrong, we ALL have down days, but make sure all your days are filled with positive thoughts. If I am in a class and the moves or transitions are just not working out then I focus on something that I am already good at. This boosts endorphin's and allows you to feel positive again and then ready to take on the next challenge.

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